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Create iPhone and Android Apps
* Brand new cross-platform API and IDE *
(all inside your browser!)

The UmbrellaSDK is the first cross-platform mobile development tool that runs entirely in your browser. There's nothing to download or install - you can start building an app like this one right now.

The iPhone Simulator to the left actually runs - click it and see that it works just like your iPhone.

Software made in the shade of the UmbrellaSDK.

Wow, this is the most fun we have ever had programming! Remember the excitement you felt when you wrote your first program? You are about to feel that again. And when that one piece of code runs on all the major mobile and tablet platforms – welcome to paradise.

In the cloud?

Yes, for the first time the entire toolset is in the cloud. This means that there is nothing to install – the code editor and all the mobile simulators (iPhone, iPad, Android) are included. From inside your browser you type code, run it in the onscreen mobile device of your choice and then publish it to the App Store or Android Market. It has never been this simple.

What is UmbrellaSDK? is one of the most powerful web apps you will ever see. A complete desktop including code window, file explorer window (to view online Asset like images and sounds), Log window to see errors and your debug text output and Preview window to view your Assets. All made possible by HTML5 and JavaScript. The entire online IDE is written with the new Umbrella JavaScript API that you will be using. So you know that anything is possible.

Is it fast?

It is blazing fast. Turn around time to see your code run is almost instant. Your app runs clean and fast because most of the low level processing is done natively on the device.

Can I test my app on my iPhone or Android?

Absolutely. Just click Publish to get an App Id. Simply download the Umbrella Browser from the Apple App Store or Android Market and enter your app id and see your app instantly.

Can I publish native code to the App Store?

When you are ready to publish your App to the App Store, just click Publish and we will email you the native App Bundle that will run your code as an App. Easy. You can also publish as a native Android App for the Android Market . Our backend server provides all the build work and we charge only $29.95 to take care of all those complexities. If you have ever done an iPhone App Build with provisions, you will know this is a bargain.

Your app, any screen.

The common ground for all the new mobile devices is WebKit. JavaScript has grown up to become a full fledged powerful and expressive language. First time coders and pros alike will feel at home writing code using our API. One simple function will put an image anywhere you want it. Add Text. Add Lists and Buttons. Easy, Easy, Easy. And we have provided all the cross platform logic to make it work – everywhere.

JavaScript, really?

Yes, and it is beautiful code when you use the Umbrella API. This is not one of those cryptic JavaScript libraries that is designed to be a crutch for html. This is brand new code designed to simplify everything so you can focus on what you want your app to do.

Who made this?

Zimusoft. Thousands of programmers have used our software libraries to create mobile apps. We know all about building bridges to the native devices and our specialty is creating simulators – (simu - Zimusoft) that’s how we got our name.


If you have any questions email us at: If there is a new feature you need we are here to create it for you.

What does it cost?

Almost nothing - just $9.95/month (cancel anytime) and this includes all the cloud services you need to store your code and assets. Once your app is ready to go, we will provide you with the app bundle that is formatted and provisioned for submission to the app store for only $29.95 - this will save you many hours of work. The small expense just guarantees that the product will be well supported. We have invested in building this technology to make programming mobile apps affordable and fun for everyone.